Sunday, 16 August 2015

The Benefits of Using Daily Contacts

Are your eyes irritated and watery from those 30-day contact lenses coated with built-up protein or flecks of mascara? Do you find it difficult to wear your contacts for more than a day without getting them dirty from your construction job dust? If so, check out these benefits of using daily contacts and let your eyes breathe.

With daily contact lenses you never have to worry about nightly cleaning and storage of your lenses. You just dispose of them in the trash at the end of everyday. You can also save money by not having to purchase new contact cases or bottles of solution.

Daily lenses can also help you cut back your morning routine time. When you choose to wear these contacts it means no more swirling of lenses in saline solution, hoping you can clean them enough to be able to see clearly. Plus, if you carry an extra pair with you or keep a set in your work desk, you will not have to waste time driving home if you lose a lens during the day.

When you are able to change your lenses everyday, the risk for eye allergies and irritants, along with optical injuries, greatly decreases. Many contact lens wearers forget to remove their lenses at night or fail to clean them properly. Teenagers are notorious for this and would benefit even more from wearing one-day contacts.

If you think you would benefit from wearing daily contact lenses, contact your local optical office today. To learn more about purchasing contact lenses in La Mesa, please visit this page.

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