Sunday, 16 August 2015

3 Ways Sports Goggles Will Help you While Skiing

Skiing down the mountainsideunder the afternoon sun and refreshed by the crisp winter wind is a beautiful way to spend a winter afternoon. However, without the proper sports goggles, you may be damaging your vision. If you have a passion for skiing and want the best in protective eyewear, check out these 3 ways sports goggles will help you while skiing.

As you glide down the mountain at racing speeds, your eyes become vulnerable to the elements. Ice crystals, snowflakes and bitter winds can wreck havoc on your eyes if goggles do not protect them. Skiing goggles can also keep small tree branches, twigs and pinecones from injuring your eyes.

Color contrast is very important in winter sports as it helps you differentiate between slopes and bumps on the ski runs. The best colors to choose from include:
  • Rose- These are best for hazy and cloudy days.
  • Brown- These work well on low-lit trails and cloudy skies.
  • Amber- These make trees and plants easier to see and block sun rays when the temperatures rise.
If you ski in a variety of conditions, you may want to purchase several pairs of goggles.

Ski goggles with polarized lenses work well to reduce glare, meaning you spend less time squinting and more time seeing with clarity. Lenses coated with an anti-fogging agent will also help your vision stay clear, keeping your skiing venture less prone to accidents.

Purchasing a high-quality pair of goggles for your time gliding down the mountain is critical in protecting your eyes. If you would like to learn more about purchasing sports goggles in El Cajon, visit this website.

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